Two Stage Snowblower
Ray's Bike and Mower, Inc.
612 East Hawley Street
Mundelein, IL

Service Description

Two Stage Snowblower Two Stage Snowblower Two Stage Snowblower

Restore the performance of your 2 Stage Snowblower at Ray's Bike and Mower. We service all brands.

Our tune up procedure includes:

Wipe off snow blower housing, chassis, handle assembly and shrouds. Inflate tires. Oil change 5W-30W (Full Synthetic Oil is available for additional charge.) Drain fuel system. Remove spark plug and inspect to determine engine condition. S et gap and install new spark plug. Clean carburetor body, float bowl and main jet. Replace carburetor bowl gasket. Adjust skid shoes to establish factory recommended 1/8" shave plate to pavement clearance. Remove transmission cover. Wipe off any oil and or belt dust. Inspect friction wheel for wear, clean friction drive disc. Check return/tension springs and drive components. Lube shafts and drive components as needed. Inspect Auger and Drive belts and replace as needed. Check auger belt and drive engagement. Adjust as needed. Inspect auger bearing at drive pulley. Reassemble covers. Lube snow chute pivots and check for proper engagement of chute actuation rod, etc. Visually inspect auger and housing. Check for presence of shear pins/bolts. Lube auger gear box and auger shaft zerk fittings if present. Lube handle drive and auger engagement paddle pivots. Refuel with sufficient stabilized fuel to test run and confirm proper operation and winter season readiness.


Please note: Auger Belts needing replacement will be done at time of service. The Auger Belt price and replacement labor will be added to the repair ticket total. Any additional parts needed will be quoted first and installed upon customer authorization.

Pick up and delivery service is available. Please call for details and rates.