Generator Service
Ray's Bike and Mower, Inc.
612 East Hawley Street
Mundelein, IL

Service Description

Restore the performance of your Generator at Ray's Bike and Mower. We service all brands.

Our tune up procedure includes:

Clean generator frame, engine shrouding and commutator housing. Drain and change engine oil. Remove spark plug and inspect to determine engine condition. Set gap and install new spark plug. Remove air box and filter. Change/clean per filter style. Remove carburetor bowl nut, main jet, float bowl, float and needle assembly. Drain off bottom of fuel tank and determine if water is present in gas and carburetor. Clean emulsion tube, bowl vents, low speed pilot and main jet. Check float shut off level and seat condition. Install all removed and cleaned components. Refuel with sufficient stabilized fuel. Start engine and check/set engine no load RPM (3400 - 3,750) per manufacturers specification. Check Hz out put (59 - 63) Confirm proper engine operation and on-demand electrical power readiness.


Please note: Any additional parts needed will be quoted first and installed upon customer authorization.

Pick up and delivery service is available. Please call for details and rates.