Chain Saw Service
Ray's Bike and Mower, Inc.
612 East Hawley Street
Mundelein, IL

Service Description

Restore the performance of your Chain Saw at Ray's Bike and Mower. We service all brands.

Our tune up procedure includes:

Clean external saw body. Remove recoil assembly and clear saw dust from flywheel, shroud and cooling fins. Drain fuel tank. Inspect, clean or replace fuel filter. Remove air box/engine cowling. Remove air filter and brush/vacuum carburetor exterior and throttle linkage. Clean or replace air filter element. Remove spark plug and inspect to determine engine condition. Set gap and install new spark plug. Re-install air box/engine cowling. Remove chain bar cover, bar and chain. Inspect chain brake. Clean saw chips from chain oiling system ports, sprocket and chain path. Inspect chain and bar. Sharpen chain with chain grinder. Clean chain/bar cover and micro adjust system. Install bar, chain and bar cover. Tighten chain to snap fit in bar groove. Check bar oil. Fuel saw with stabilized fuel and test/tune for proper operation.


Please note: Any additional parts needed will be quoted first and installed upon customer authorization.