Lawn Mower Service Tune Up
Ray's Bike and Mower, Inc.
612 East Hawley Street
Mundelein, IL

Service Description

Restore the performance of your Lawn Mower at Ray's Bike and Mower. We service all brands.

Our tune up procedure includes:

Change oil using SAE 30W. Remove spark plug and inspect to determine engine condition. Set gap and change spark plug. Re-torque cylinder head bolts. Drain fuel system and carburetor. Remove and clean air filter housing. Clean float bowl and main jet. Check float level and reassemble using new float bowl gasket $3.75. (Install new air box gasket on all Briggs and Stratton engines $3.75). Remove cover and inspect self-propel drive system - if applicable. Clean underside of mower deck. Remove, sharpen and balance blade (replace if too damaged to sharpen). Clean and lube front and rear wheel axles. Level mower deck height of cut to 2.5". Lube engine brake and drive engagement handle pivots. Vacuum top of mower and wipe clean. Add sufficient stabilized fuel to performance test mower and check readiness for summer mowing season.


Please note: Any additional parts needed will be quoted first and installed upon customer authorization.

Pick up and delivery service is available. Please call for details and rates.